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Cybersecurity@FIU serves as FIU's hub for all initiatives and programs involving cybersecurity throughout the university. Taking a multi-faceted approach, the university combines technical cybersecurity strength in areas such as cyberphysical systems, the Internet of Things, and cloud computing and storage with complementary expertise in international and public affairs, business, and law. 


Cybersecurity@FIU is one of FIU's Emerging Preeminent Program, a collaborative endeavor with high potential to be designated preeminent. With strategic support, an Emerging Preeminent Program could potentially build upon its distinctive merits, strengths, and successes to earn the Preeminent Program designation.

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Florida AI Policy Summit

The inaugural Florida AI Policy Summit, hosted by the Jack D. Gordon Institute for Public Policy at Florida International University, is a pioneering event dedicated to advancing the understanding and application of artificial intelligence in various domains. Set against the vibrant backdrop of Miami, Florida, this summit took place on January 19th, 2024.

Cybersecurity: The Next Frontier of U.S.-China Competition in the Americas

Presented within the July issue of Americas Quarterly are the contributions of various experts, including Randy Pestana, the associate director of the cyber policy program at the Jack D. Gordon Institute. Pestana shares insights into enhancing cyber defense in Latin America and the Caribbean. The article underscores the imperative of safeguarding the region against evolving cyber threats and preserving its role as a valued international partner.

Local Officials Take Cybersecurity Awareness Class

Aligned with the provisions of the Local Government Cybersecurity Act, the Jack D. Gordon Institute launched the Cybersecurity Leadership and Strategy Program in collaboration with CyberFL during the month of June. Geared towards empowering executive and managerial leaders, the program's sessions scheduled for July have come to the forefront at a strategically opportune moment. The timing proves apt as WFLA brings attention to the program's significance as a proactive response to escalating occurrences of data breaches.

Cyber 9/12 Strategy Challenge

The annual Cyber 9/12 Strategy Challenge presents a dynamic platform for students worldwide to engage in a spirited competition focused on formulating cyber policy and strategic solutions. Participants collaboratively craft policy recommendations aimed at addressing a simulated cyber catastrophe scenario, fostering a truly global perspective on cybersecurity challenges.

Podcast: Why Latin America Is So Vulnerable to Cyberattacks

A leading authority in the field of cybersecurity, the associate director of the cyber policy program at the Jack D. Gordon Institute provides a comprehensive exploration of the cyber landscape in Latin America on the AQ Podcast. Delving into pertinent challenges and complexities, Randy Pestana not only outlines the region's cyber issues but also offers potential solutions.

Meet Our Cyber Policy Advisory Board

Chosen as one of the four institutions by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundations to foster and broaden interdisciplinary cyber policy initiatives, FIU's Jack D. Gordon Institute has introduced the Cyber Policy Advisory Board. A consortium of influential members drawn from pioneering technology enterprises, this collaborative effort seamlessly reinforces FIU's core mission of advancing cybersecurity education, pioneering research, and the development of impactful public policy measures.


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