Spring 2015:

October 2014, Top Winners:

Bryan Posada:

Kia Rodriquez:

Waleed Bouruki:

Wilfredo Perez:

Dwain Minto:

Tatiana Junqueira Hevia:

Fall 2015:

October is National Cyber Security Awareness month!


FIU students must become aware and understand the importance of cyber security and how to maintain theirs and other data safe from hackers. The objective of the contest is to heighten the awareness of FIU students in showing how creative you can be in getting the message out.

The Hack of Things Competition

Rules and details to be announced shortly. This competition is open to all FIU students and will focus on teams describing hacks of Internet of Things (IOT) and Countermeasures.


NSO competition in Designing a Secure Network

Details to be provided through NSO announcements.