Academic Program

Undergraduate areas of concentration

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Undergraduate Courses in Cyber Security Concentration:

•Telecommunication Networking
•Telecommunication Network Security
•Telecommunication Network Analysis and Design
•Embedded Operating Systems
•Programming Embedded Systems
•Data Computer Communications
•Principles of Network Management and
•Control Standards
•Ethical Hacking
•Digital Forensics
•Introduction to Malware Reverse Engineering
•Critical Infrastructure Security (Being proposed)
•Mobile Device Forensics


Graduate areas of Concentration

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Graduate Courses in Cyber Security Concentration:

•Advanced Malware Reverse Engineering
•Advanced Digital Forensics
•Advanced Ethical Hacking
•Computer Communication Networks
•Wireless Communication with Multimedia
•Network Security
•Ubiquitous and Embedded Sensor Network-Centric Telecommunications
•Engineering Design of Microprocessor Based Operating System
•Random Signal Principles

Security Issues in Smart Grid (being proposed)



Industry Certifications for Students in the Cyber Security Undergraduate & Graduate Programs:

•Other industry renowned certifications in the areas of forensics and related fields